This is the most often asked question:

What are the advantages of a destination wedding comparing to traditional stay-at-home one? 


Destination weddings, due to their far from home nature, tend to narrow down the guest list, as these events often require time off work, money, and travel. As a result destination wedding ensures that your big day becomes an intimate affair where the two of you are surrounded by the closest friends and family. Naturally, it is for you to decide what intimate means to you, as it is more about the atmosphere than the exact number.



Choosing a destination wedding is expanding your venue options to some of the world’s most beautiful locations. A charming little town in the South of France where the two of you spent the best summer of your lives? A romantic villa in Tuscany where you first said I love you? A picturesque rooftop in Greece that will guarantee the most breathtaking backdrop to the photos of your special day? All these become options available to the two of you. 



This one is often overlooked but can really impact a wedding. Naturally, We cannot guarantee the weather on your special day, however by helping you choose the right destination we can lower the risk of bad weather that would be more likely to occur elsewhere.  As a destination wedding planning professionals we always have a plan B (and very often plan C as well) allowing for seamless adjustment to the weather changes, but we find ourselves restoring to these plan Bs and Cs less often in all year long sunny locations.


Unique Touch

Opting for a designation wedding allows you to add some quite spectacular and unique touch to your special day. A delicious wine from a small local winery at your reception, regional delicacies incorporated into the menu, or traditional music - all these add to making your day a true one-of-a-kind, unforgettable event for you and your guests.


Some will tell you destination weddings are cheaper than stay at home ones, others will argue travel cost often strains the couple's budget. Multiple factors make weddings stay within, or go way out of the initial budget. The bottom line is - contrary to popular belief, destination wedding doesn’t have to be more expensive than its alternative. A well-planned designation wedding will allow you to control the budget.

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