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Are you wondering about the best formula for your wedding, one that would ensure that all the pandemic safety regulations are met while keeping the magic of your big day alive?

I have unpacked here the three most popular types of weddings among 2020&21 couples!

Just like, well everything else, COVID-19 has impacted the wedding industry and has forced both couples and professionals, to adapt to the new reality. Many of 2020 couples had to adjust their plans - postpone or even cancel their big day. Some of 2021 couples anticipating the possible complications are now thinking of changing the formula of their big day. To lower the chance of putting anyone at risk, many couples limit the guest list, move the reception outdoors or change the location altogether.

Ironically, in this new reality, planning a small wedding event in a remote, abroad location is now often easier than organizing a grand event in couples' hometown. Southern-European countries offer not only a plethora of beautiful outdoor venues that allow for safer celebration than indoor ones but also guarantee the weather to support these al fresco events.⁣

With pandemic restrictions, smaller guest lists and outdoor venues being in (the highest ever) demand, these three types of wedding are quickly becoming the new favorites.

What is an elopement?

Just the two of you. Elopements used to be associated with runaway weddings. Today the emphasis is put on intimacy rather than secrecy.


  • easy organize

  • fairly quick to plan (spur of the moment factor)

  • the ceremony can take place anywhere in the world

  • allows you to truly be in the moment


What is a minimony?

This can be best described as elopement+. The two of you, surrounded by the small circle of close friends and family members. We are talking 10-20 people max. Minimonies are often used as a prelude to a bigger celebration held later.


  • easy to plan & take abroad

  • an intimate atmosphere guaranteed

  • with a big party held later, you don't have to sacrifice your dream if what you initially wanted was a big 100-150+ guest wedding


What is a micro wedding?

This type is what is considered the happy medium between a traditional wedding, and an elopement. The guest count can go anywhere between 30 and 70 people.


Interesting fact:

According to our recent poll, micro wedding trend is the most popular of all options!

We can't tell whether or not COVID-19 will permanently change how we think of weddings and organize them, but we are definitely excited to see new tendencies being embraced!




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