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Destination Wedding Dos & Don'ts: traveling with your wedding gown

Everything is planned, set and ready. Now all you need to do is check off one last thing on your destination wedding checklist - packing.

You know you can't just put your wedding dress in the suitcase (duh!), but how do you transport it and get safely to your destination?

Here's a comprehensive list of dos & don'ts of traveling with your wedding gown!

photo: Benjamin Holtrop for NEWHITE Bridal

DON'T: Check-in your dress

That's just a fact - some of the luggage doesn't make it to the destination on time, or at all. We all heard these horror stories, and your wedding is most certainly not the time to risk this happening.

It is never advised to check-in any valuables, so if you wouldn't check in your diamond ring, why would you do that to your dress?

DO: Consider buying priority boarding or upgrading to business or first class

These options offer seats in front of the cabin, leaving more room for you and your precious dress. Bigger aircrafts often have a front closet, so splurging on priority boarding or upgrading to higher class might give you access to just that, and save you a lot of trouble, especially on busier flights.

If neither of these options is available, consider buying a separate ticket for your dress. That guarantees space and peace of mind. If your wedding budget allows for that it's an option worth considering.

On that note...

DON'T: Be afraid to talk to the airline beforehand

In 1-2 weeks before your departure, contact the airline and ask them how they can accommodate you traveling with large but delicate luggage on board. Most airlines try to be as accommodating as possible! Depending on the aircraft, airline's policies, safety regulations and flight occupancy, they can advise you on the best way to go about this. Reaching out in advance will give you peace of mind, as you'll know what to expect when boarding.

DO: Invest in a high-quality travel garment bag

I know, yet another investment, but hear me out. You have invested enough money in your dream dress so why risk anything happening to it? Look for a garment bag that is made of durable yet breathable material and is easy to carry.

DON'T: Forget about the filling

I know this might seem funny, but to avoid the material getting wrinkled on the sleeves or bodice, I advise my brides stuffing their dress with a bit of stocking-wrapped cotton. I know, sounds comical, but I swear by this trick!

DO: Remember about a steamer

Whether you take it with you or you ask your planner to arrange it at your hotel, make sure it is available for the last minute dress touch-ups.

DON'T: Let the dress out of your sight

I know, I know, how could you? But trust me when I say, with all the excitement and some unavoidable jitters before your wedding, it's easy to forget something, especially when you are not used to traveling with such a big item onboard!

Pro tip? Ask your husband-to-be (or someone from the wedding party, if they are traveling with you) to keep an eye on your dress and help you carry it.

DO: Relax

And all will be fine! Once at the airport, treat yourself to a glass of champagne to kick start the i-am-getting-married trip!

Remember that brides fly with their precious dresses every day, so the airport and airline staff is more than prepared to help you.

Trust me when I say: especially during this time, everyone is there to support you and make sure your destination wedding is a success, so don't be afraid to lean on your partner, wedding party and of course, your planner.

It's going to be epic! Just don't forget the dress when leaving the plane ;)

Are you looking for a dress but haven't started planning yet? Or perhaps you did start but feel stuck in one spot, unable to move forward?

I can't wait to hear from you!




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