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Elegant, bold, sexy and unapologetic or sad, dark and incomplete? Black might be THE most polarizing of colors in the wedding industry.

black flowers in a vase
black floral arrangement by Everbloome

The other day, on my Instagram, I posted a photo of a black floral arrangement. Let me tell you, that color choice did not sit right with everyone, which sparked a very interesting conversation about the color black in wedding styling. While some, myself included, loved the quiet elegance of the bouquet, others saw it as gloomy or missing something - that something being "colors" as if black wasn't color itself, or less of a color.

There is no point in trying to convince anyone to love what they are not naturally drawn to, but I feel there is something to be said about using black in wedding styling.

Let me start this off by saying that when I talk about using black in wedding styling, I do not mean going full-on Morticia Addams, but I also do not mean using it only in minuscule details. I'm talking about using black intentionally, as a statement color in chosen elements of the wedding design.

Personally, I love the unobtrusive, quiet coolness of black. When used wisely, black can be the essence of confidence and self-assurance. To me, black doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore.

Black color can complement the design in the most beautiful way, but it doesn’t shout „look at me“ and instead „look at this“.

Just like flowers in Everbloome's arrangement, black color forces us to focus, to be in the moment. Once it has our attention it allows us to see textures and details. It is then when we realize how complete the arrangement is.

With black, quality objects and materials have the power to stand on their own, in their pure, almost raw form. That is what makes black such a great choice for statement pieces in the wedding design.

When done right, black does not overwhelm, it enhances the features of raw material instead of distracting from it.

Am I saying every wedding should include black elements? No.

Is it to say that black is better than vibrant colors? Also, no.

All I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't shy away from black because it's "gloomy", "dark" or "sad". Instead, I would like to encourage you to trust your wedding designer when they present you with a wedding styling concept that includes black in ways and elements you initially didn't think possible.

It would be a shame to limit black to being a safe choice that just goes well with everything. Because when it comes to wedding styling, black is not just an empty canvas. And it, most certainly, is not the lack of color.

Instead, to me, black is all colors together.

When used intentionally, in the right proportions, it is THE ultimate color, the essence of quiet, relaxed luxury.



Image credits: Tortik Annushka, Swan coffee table by Kolkhoze, Asta Ramelyte-Hauf, Pinterest, Pepe Heykoop vase photographed by Annemarijne Bax, menu by Paige Tuzee Designs , suspended floral arrangement against black arch: kckliko, plates EricksonSurfaces, table styled by The Romance, photographerd by Megan Kelly

NB: Though I make every effort to find the original author of the images I use, I'm sometimes unable to credit appropriately due to lack of information. If any of the work published here is yours and not rightfully credited, please contact me so we can credit you accordingly, or remove the image at your request.


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