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So you heard of destination wedding planners and international wedding planners (hello, that's me!), and you might have thought to yourself - hold on, is there a difference?

There's a lot to unpack here, so let's dive in.

Is DESTINATION the same as INTERNATIONAL wedding planner?

Yes... and no.

An international wedding planner is a destination wedding planner, but a destination wedding planner might not be an international wedding planner. Is your head spinning yet? Mine is, so let's start with some simple definitions.

A destination wedding planner is a person who plans weddings for people wanting to get married outside of their country (or, in the case of larger countries, outside of their state, or province).

A Destination Wedding Planner can be:

  • local to the destination

  • local to the couple's country of residence

In both cases, the planner has well-established contacts in one particular area. Think - Italian wedding planner catering to couples looking to get married in Italy, VS UK-based planner with expertise in planning weddings in Tuscany, or Lake Como area, or even all of Italy, working with couples traveling from the UK .

Where does that leave International Wedding Planners?

Not really somewhere in between, but rather somewhere completely different. Think - Poland-based wedding planner planning an Italian destination wedding for a couple where the bride is from Hong Kong, the groom is from France both residing in the UK - true story, and that's me!

So what does INTERNATIONAL stand for in International Wedding Planner?

In short, it means that, as your planner, I am not tied to one particular region or country. The best way I can describe it to you is this - in my book, the international nature of my work is synonymous with FREEDOM.

My freedom to work in the world's most beautiful places without limiting myself to just one, and my couples' freedom to celebrate wherever their hearts desire.

You see, just like my couples, I do not settle.

The beauty of running an international wedding planning studio is the freedom I am able to offer my couples, as well as the peace of mind that wherever their love story takes them - ATB will follow.

How do I make it work?

With an extensive network of trusted fellow wedding professionals, vendors, and creatives - relationships I cherish, nurture, and rely on in my work.

That, and… my unique, personal experience of having lived in 14 (often very different) countries, on 4 different continents. Working with people from all around the world and quickly finding my way around new places is my bread and butter.

By choosing an INTERNATIONAL destination WEDDING PLANNER, you choose to put your celebration in the hands of a skilled professional who will guide you from the very start to the very end.

With an international wedding planner, you don't have to make any of the fundamental choices beforehand. South of France? Mallorca? Morocco? Or maybe Bali or Cartagena? Choosing an international wedding planner allows you to explore different options and venues before you find your dream one.

Choosing All Things Beautiful means choosing the freedom to celebrate your own, unique way.

Ready to chat about your dream destination wedding?

Click here to book your free consultation so we can embark together on your most exciting journey yet.

I can't wait to hear from you! xo



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