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Let's start with basics - what is Wedding Stationery?

That will be all of the paper goods for your wedding. From the save-the-date's and invitations, rsvp-s, through the menus, name cards and programs to details, order of the day and thank you notes.

What is On The Day Stationery then?

As one might expect on-the-day stationery refers to the wedding day paper goods - programs, menus, place cards, timeline cards etc. These serve as a form of communicating with your guests - this is where you'll be seating, this is what you'll eat, this is when the ceremony will happen... etc., etc.

While I love a proper set of save-the-date’s followed by formal invitations, rsvp cards and all the paper goods on the day, sometimes a full stationery set is not going to work - be that because of time (a bespoke set designed for you takes weeks to develop and produce), money or paper waste concerns (tough I personally religiously collect all wedding stationery as a beautiful keepsake).

Whatever your reason is not to send paper save-the-dates and invitations, you still can (and should!) enjoy beautiful on-the-day stationery.

Your menus, place cards, programs, event maps - all these not only serve a very important purpose (information) but can also play a key role in your event design. On-the-day stationery can add color, texture, fun and meaning to the table scape.

Pro tip:

Invest in the services of a good stationery designer. While invitations serve as a wonderful introduction to what your guests can expect on your wedding day, the on-the-day stationery is a fantastic tool to add personal details to the table/ event design.

Your very own monogram? Yes, please!

A meaningful motif that’s special to the two of you? Yes, yes, yes!

What to keep in mind? Time!

Not only are the best designers quickly booked, the process of developing a bespoke on-the-day stationery set takes weeks. From initial mood boards, through project(s) and revision(s), to proof reading, printing and shipping to either your venue or your planner - all this can take even up to 10+ weeks!

Need help finding the right (on-the-day or full) stationery designer for your destination wedding? Or maybe the thought of searching for vendors on your own overwhelms you? Worry not! You can always inquire with me for my a la carte or. full wedding planning services! All you have to do is fill in my CONTACT form!




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