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If your big day is coming in 2020 and you are still not sure which way to go - I have got you covered!

Here are the hottest wedding trends for this year.

Entering a new year is an especially exciting time in the wedding planning & design industry. As our calendars fill up with meetings and wedding dates, we see the biggest trends of the year emerge.

1. Sustainable Weddings

This trend has been on the rise since 2019, and it seems it is going to be one of the strongest ones in 2020 as well.

As we try to make more and more environmentally-conscious choices in our everyday lives, it is only natural we would like the wedding day to be as eco-friendly as possible. This, however, does not have to mean ditching your dream about an elegant affair for a backyard garden party (to each their own, you do you boo!).

At All Things Beautiful, we strongly believe you can have the most beautiful event executed sustainably. Repurposing elements like greenery and flowers can be a great idea here - Are you sorry to leave your gorgeous floral wedding arch behind after saying your I do's? Add two chairs and some candles in front to repurpose it into a photo background for the wedding party! If you are looking for a sustainable wedding reception opt for the menu to incorporate local produce and locally grown vegetables in season. You will not only support local farmers and save on unnecessary food miles but will also score points for introducing your guests to local delicacies!

Oh, and those plastic straws? Ditch them for paper ones, or better yet, for the chic stainless steel ones

When in doubt ask your wedding planner to recommend vendors who offer more environmentally conscious options.

2. Micro Weddings

While some people love an elaborate affair for 300 guests, many others are opting for far more intimate events.

This does not mean a wedding in the backyard of your home!

From romantic villas, through boutique hotels to saying 'I dos' at the beach - Micro Wedding trend is all about an intimate number of guests invited. 10? 20? 30 people? Just immediate family, or perhaps only a few A-list friends?

At a micro wedding, you won't feel guilty for not having a chance to speak to all of your guests. Micro weddings are also a great option when you don't want to compromise your vision for the limited budget. "I'm doing a micro wedding!" is also a good way to politely say no to your Mom when she insists on inviting yet another relative you haven't seen or spoken to since you were 5 years old.

3. The Pet of Honor

Can you imagine your big day without your closest friends and family in it?

More and more couples decide to bring their beloved pet to the ceremony. From the furry ring bearers to a Pet of Honor, we at All Things Beautiful declare this the cutest trend of the year, and can't get enough of it!

4. Pop of Color

2020 is shaping up to be a year of bold colors in the wedding industry. We are not expecting white gowns to go away anytime soon (and why should they?), but we foresee the wedding decor to pop with colors in 2020.

If you are not sure how to incorporate this trend in your wedding decor - talk to your florist about your flower options. Your wedding stylist will guide you through the world of colorful linens, tableware, and furniture finishings. It does not need to look as if a rainbow crashed in the middle of your reception venue, but few pops of bold color here and there will make your wedding stand out, and give it this extra polished touch.

5. Made to measure styling

This year, even more than years before, is going to be a year of personalized solutions.

Forget about settling for the go-to chairs your venue offers for every single event (and these nasty covers yikes!). Instead, put your wedding planner and designer to work, and have them make your dream vision a reality. From the decor, through food and music, to theme and overall look. Whatever you choose, make sure you make your big day your own! Your wedding should reflect your style, taste, and unique story.

6. Wedding Unplugged

We have all heard the wedding ceremony horror stories, including a phone camera and a self-proclaimed photographer guest. To avoid hearing ten cameras snap at the same time, and having some guests watch the exchange of your vows on their screens trying to create the best insta story of the moment (and then hear said insta story reply in the background as they choose the right filter - yikes!), simply have your wedding coordinator ask your guests to put their phones away for the ceremony.

Living in the era of social media, it is becoming more and more popular to have a phones-free wedding.

You have hired a photographer and assembled a perfect backdrop for a photo booth moment. Consider having your guests rest their phones and give their all on the dance-floor, and let the hired professionals do their magic.

7. Destination Wedding

Even more, than in years before, destination weddings seem to be having a moment in 2020. Among the most popular ones are the all-time European classics: South of France, Italy, the Greek Islands, and coastal Spain, where the strong wedding industry and network of fantastic vendors allow for the most memorable of events.

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